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like no one knows about my lj
from irl or whatever
and i sincerely doubt from the internet either really
even fellow community members cus

we don't really
read eachother's stuff outside the community
at least that was the impression i got

but mini rant here
this is the only place on the internet i vent
i don't do it on tumblr
i don't do it on twitter
and i most certainly don't do it on facebook

and while i do get that it's like,
that individuals social outlet, their 'page' if you will
and they have the right to post whatever whim they desire
at the same time

i'm so fucking tired
of reading everyone's petty
blatant and or passive aggressive
ignorant stream of conciousness
and their dirty laundry.

like fucking write it down physically in a stupid journal
or have a secret lj or something.

i just don't get it.
i'd never publicize to hundreds, sometimes thousands
of people the gripes these people air out on a daily basis.
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