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ARE YOU SERIOUS(ly) /immaturerant
fucking mom
telling me
to eat less
then the next few days
to eat more cus of starvation mode or
whatever the fuck

i've been so generally annoyed with her since apparently
she's hell-bent on moving and selling the house i'm moving back to
the end of this month
she wants to move all the way
to fucking

fuck texas
she can't even
pick a cool state
no i don't want to go there
my whole life is here

and i don't know what the fuck i'm going to do
with school and everything and credits and how
my school is horrible and i hate it and the credits never fucking transfer
cus no one recognizes this dumb ass school as a legitimate existence and
i'm so fucking broke how am i going to fucking go to a real school

and i feel so fucking

i've honestly not wanted to kill myself so badly as i have yesterday
since christmas it's not even a fucking dramatic huge i'm going to make a spectacle it's just this calm
impulsive erratic sense of like, yeah i'm gonna down all these drugs
oops guess i should throw them up

guess i'm still alive


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