f0xiee's Journal

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i'm back on lj for the communities: i used to be an active graphics/resource member and member of the ed community here.

this is where the 'but' comes in: i'm back predominantly for the ed stuff i just need it so fucking bad. i've gotten disgustingly fat and i'm done. i want to be thin and happy and pretty again, end of story. if you have a problem with that or with ed content in general...euh, well you have friended the wrong person and stumbled upon the wrong place rofl.

but hey, if you can accept me and my very flawed behaviors, habits, and disorder? well then you have found a friend -- i accept people, i listen, and i'm here for you. so let's all follow the golden rule (so says the atheist haha) and be nice. :'D (also sorry if this seems blunt or rude, i just want to be straightforward right off the bat ^m ^; heh.)

nicknames: foxie, pan, momo
age: 21 (i'm getting old aughe)